Weekly classes for students of all levels

Kalyani Arts offers year-round weekly art classes to all ages (kids & adults). All classes are 1hr - 2hrs. in length. Students may enroll at any time during the year. Once enrolled, students may continue for as long as they like.

Children in our beginner, intermediate and advance programs will rotate through different materials and techniques each week with new lessons.

Adults in our program will work on selected media & subject matter based on their individual interests.

Individualized instruction in a group setting to maximize learning.

Each class at Kalyani Arts begins with introducing the subject matter and materials to entire class. Students then receive individualized instructions tailored to their own skill levels, learning new techniques and exploring new concepts in greater depth as their understanding improves.

Artwork is an expression of how and what each see.


All the matrials will be provided

(Every alternative month canvas painting)


Create artwork that reflects familiar topics while using a variety of materials. Focuses on hand-eye coordination, learning shapes, colors, basics of Shading, basics of color wheel, and use of basic materials. Seasonal Arts, and every alternative month canvas painting.


Develop technical proficiency, competence in color mixing, and ability to draw and paint realistically. Incorporate styles and techniques from past and modern artists. Over the time students explore a broad range of mediums and subjects including portraits, landscape, and still life.


Students will be ready to do their own projects with guidance. understanding realism, light, shadow, perspectives, and composition. Focus on charcoal, pencil sketch, color pencil, watercolors, acrylics, and oil.

Including Digital Art, Self-portraits, and Live sketch.

Adults Art classes

we help to get your dream come true. we work with individual requirements and offer projects depending on experience. Materials are not included.

Timings are completely flexible just contact us directly to schedule your class.

KALYANI 510-513-5448

come and explore our student's creativity and curiosity grow!